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Sphere Ice Ball Press & Maker

Mixing a good drink takes skill, but it's also a craft worthy of the finest presentation. You can achieve that unique exhibition with Spheritz.

The Spheritz ice ball maker is a low effort way to add creativity and flair to your drinks. After using the ice ball mold, your ice is formed into a crystal clear sphere. It's an ice ball maker that forms a perfectly shaped sphere of ice ready for your cocktails.

Although the ice doesn't add anything in terms of flavor, it does spark conversation. It's a great way to get customers to really take notice of the craftsmanship in the drinks you're serving.

Of course, the ice also does its job, but even better! The sphere shape cools down drinks, but doesn't dilute quickly, leaving your drinks cold, but not too watery. Instead, you get drinks with artful presentation and maximum taste.

Contact us to order your Spheritz ice ball maker today! We do custom logo designs on the machine itself, for a unique touch or brand awareness.